Don Michael Brannon is Home

After 8 months Mike is back in his Cleburne family home. A tree fell on his roof during a storm last fall.  While fixing the roof he fell and hit his head.  Adult Protective Services took him into custody at … Continued

X-Social Worker Spills on APS

The Open Records Project recently had the opportunity to interview a recently resigned Adult Protective Service social worker.  The social workers are the front line troops in the State’s alleged fight to stop elder abuse. This brave man is but … Continued

Obama Invents New FOIA Dodge

Whistleblowers have revealed that the Obama administration has recently created a new Freedom of Information Act dodge. Under Obama federal agencies including the EPA, DOJ, and IRS appear to have been weaponized for use against opponents. In addition the VA … Continued

VA Retaliates Against Whistleblowing Nurses

The Veterans Administration is an $150 billion agency with 312,000 employees. The VA runs 171 hospitals, 126 nursing homes, and 700 outpatient clinics. Rumors or horrible care have circulated for years. In early 2014 CNN began a series of stories … Continued

Kansas Targets Wealthy Physicist for Looting

John Flentie, 73, made the mistake of owning a $300,000 home and saving $600,000 in accounts and investments.  Most important he failed to have children who could defend him against state sponsored elder looting. In March of 2012, John fell … Continued

Sixteen Year Old Connecticut Hostage Released

The State of Massachusetts released 16 year old hostage, Justina Peltier, after a year in captivity.  Justina was kidnapped from Boston Children’s Hospital by the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families with help from taxpayer funded psychiatrists. The amount of … Continued