Obama Invents New FOIA Dodge

Whistleblowers have revealed that the Obama administration has recently created a new Freedom of Information Act dodge. Under Obama federal agencies including the EPA, DOJ, and IRS appear to have been weaponized for use against opponents. In addition the VA … Continued

VA Retaliates Against Whistleblowing Nurses

The Veterans Administration is an $150 billion agency with 312,000 employees. The VA runs 171 hospitals, 126 nursing homes, and 700 outpatient clinics. Rumors or horrible care have circulated for years. In early 2014 CNN began a series of stories … Continued

DPS Claims Sex Offender Registry Cost $3 Million

In a year of budget cuts, DPS is whining about the cost of publishing the Sex Offender Registry. According to one of their spokesmen, eliminating the registry could save $3 million a year. The Open Records Project published the first … Continued

Norway Publishes All Tax Returns Online

A society might be more trusting if citizens could see the tax returns of all their fellow taxpayers. Norway is doing exactly this. To be complete, Norway might also publish the citizens receiving taxpayer funded services. Some possibilities ramifications to … Continued

Today We Celebrate “Jimmy Justice”

Those of us who tackle the taxpayer funded bureacracies often experience the arrogance and hypocrisy of so called civil servants first hand. A New York activist who goes by the handle “Jimmy Justice” captures bureacratic arrogance and hypocrisy on video … Continued

Washington Cities Play Secret Squirrel

Enron avoided public scrutiny of many of its shady business dealings by placing them out of public view in off balance sheet entities. Now the employees of Washington taxpayers are using a similar ruse to place their activities out of … Continued

Houston Chronicle Posts 81,000 Public Employees

The Houston Chronicle has posted a computerized database of 81,000 public employees of various local entities including City of Houston, Harris County, and the Houston Independent School District. Some readers have objected to the publication of names and salaries as … Continued