Don Michael Brannon is Home

After 8 months Mike is back in his Cleburne family home.

A tree fell on his roof during a storm last fall.  While fixing the roof he fell and hit his head.  Adult Protective Services took him into custody at the hospital.  He was placed in a for-profit asylum, and a court appointed guardian confiscated his accounts, his pension, and tried to sell his house.

The Open Records Project with the help of Dallas television station WFAA publicized his case including a video of the moaning and wailing continuously present at his asylum.  You can see the entire video by clicking on the “Media Coverage” link at the top of the page.

While he was incarcerated the court appointed guardian turned off the power allowing all his food to spoil.  The guardian further left the house unsecured, and as almost always happens in APS cases, the house was looted and vandalized.

As almost always happens, when the State screws up, friends and neighbors step up.  David and Kay gave Mike a place to stay while his house was being cleaned.  Brad mowed both the front and back yard every two weeks.

Almost a dozen ORP volunteers from Dallas helped in various ways to get the house ready for Mike.  A replacement microwave was donated.  The litter of looting was cleared from the living room.  Steve even painted the front door and porch.  Jim patched the roof hole that was the cause of Mike’s fall.

Mike has his pension back, but not the money that was taken.  The guardian is still threatening to sell the home, but this case is yet another black eye for Tarrant County and we expect a resolution soon.

Here are some photos:

FILE0399 FILE0401 FILE0416 FILE0419

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