Purged People

              VOTED    October 19, 2020
              PURGED October 26, 2020

Voter purging isn't about numbers.  It's about people, 
real live voting citizens.

For the past two weeks we've published the names of 
thousands and thousands of voters Dallas purged from 
their Daily Vote Roster.   It's easy to forget that 
those dots on a computer screen were actually individuals.

From childhood they'd been drilled on the importance 
of voting in America. "Voting is the most important 
right of citizenship." They'd been told over and over, 
"You are important. Your vote counts".  It was all a lie.  
They trusted the County, and the County broke that trust.

Dallas essentially edicted, 
  "You don't matter." 
  "You're insignificant." 
  "We have the power to make you gone."

They were allowed to vote.  
They thought they voted.  
They were led to believe they had voted.  

Days later Dallas disappeared them from the Vote Roster 
confident they would never know what happened.

Thanks to a few geeks everyone on the Internet now 
knows their names.  We think you should know a few of 
their stories.

Last Sunday ORP volunteers headed to the Dallas County
town of Lancaster.  We were accompanied by a famous 
Austin-based investigative reporter who was filming.

We worked from a list of zip code 75134 In-Person 
voters who were purged from the County Vote Roster. 
These are the stories of just a few of the purged.

Ms. Roberson was so excited about the election
that even though she had requested an Absentee
Ballot she decided to vote In-Person at Lancaster
Veterans Memorial Library.

She turned in her unopened ballot to the election
judge who "cancelled" the Absentee Ballot.  She
was asked to wait 30 minutes while the judge made
a phone call. She was then directed to a voting machine.

"I wanted to vote In-Person to get the I VOTED
sticker."  She voted, got her sticker, and
put in on her windshield above the registration.

"I thought it was more valuable than the
registration so that's where I put it, took a
picture and posted in on Facebook."

The County reported her In-Person vote on October 19.
The County reported her vote PURGED on October 25.

ZELMA SIMPSON, ID:1158104244
Ms. Simpson received an unsolicited Absentee
Ballot in the mail.  She took the unopened
ballot to her polling location at Our Redeemer
Lutheran Church, Grand Prairie.

The election judge took her Absentee Ballot and
made a telephone call.  She voted In-Person.

The County reported her In-Person vote on October 14.
The County reported her vote PURGED on October 16.

Mr. Sanders also reported an unsolicited Absentee
Ballot.  He also took it to his polling location
at Lancaster Veterans Memorial Library and turned
it in to the election judge.

The County reported his In-Person vote on October 14.
The County reported his vote PURGED on October 16.

When we rang Ms. Roberts bell she only opened
the door about an inch.  

When we identified ourselves as with The Open 
Records Project she opened a bit more.

When we explained we were investigating the
purging of voters in Lancaster she opened
the door all the way. 

We explained that the County had removed her
from the Daily Vote Roster.  She was adamant,
"That's not possible.  I voted in person."

The County reported her vote on October 14.
The County reported her vote PURGED on October 26.

Ms. Sinclair received an Absentee Ballot in the mail.  
She turned in the ballot to Cedar Valley College
where she voted in person.

The County reported her In-Person vote on October 14.
The County reported her vote PURGED on October 16.

This group is a small sample of the 5,690 In-Person
votes that were PURGED between October 7 and October 30.

Each voter has a story.
Each voter feels cheated.
Each voter is owed an explanation.

The County must release the database logs for audit.
Citizens must know who did this and why?


Copyright The Open Records Project 2020