Kids Love Flying to Space

UPDATE: Before Audre Hale's massacre, we published this satire on the Reeves manifesto. These women could have been twins. Seven are dead and a crazy is loose with a valid teaching certificate.

"Hey kids, put down your crayons. Ms. Reeves brought Kool-Aid for everyone."

Following the complaint of a 5 year old whistleblower The Open Records Project investigated new Highland Park ISD kindergarten teacher, Sarah Reeves.

HP failed to do the most basic background. They finally admitted she had NO teaching certificate. Denton ISD claimed they never heard of her. However she did correctly self-report as "gender fluid, non-binary".

One five year old allegedly complained to her dad, "My teacher is crazy." A parent located potential child pornography on her social media postings.

Another parent who was employed by the Sex Offenders unit at the State Prison in Seagoville produced a report that found (based on her social media) Sarah was

"preoccupied with identity confusion, evocative sexual content and violence including rape, bondage, stragulation, suffocation, biting, and suicide."

She also thought she was an alien from another planet.

Right after being hired to teach HP kindergarten the psychologist contends Sarah was, "conveying suicidal ideation", in other words

She was planning to kill herself and join the aliens.

One can't help but notice the large colored object streaking through space full of aliens is being followed by 20 "baby" objects.


HP failed to notify law enforcement and TEA as required by law. They failed to inform parents. The Superintendent's office denied it all to a reporter.

The Open Records Project immediately published School Sex and Secrecy.

Teacher Sarah Reeves,
District Chief of Staff John Dahlander, and
Superintendent Tom Trigg (who just negotiated a 5 year contract)
all resigned.

UPDATE Dec 13 2022:
President of the Board Tom Sharpe has "retired".
Board Trustee Stacy Kelly has "retired".

HP may have secretly "passed the trash" to another unsuspecting district, the same behavior that amplified the Catholic Church and Boy Scout sexual assault cases to billion dollar awards. We have informed the relevant local, state, and federal authorities.

It doesn't take much imagination to flash forward to what easily could have been.

"Our thoughts and prayers go out to the parents of these most precious children we've lost to this unforseable tragedy. Lots of 5 year olds think flying to space sounds cool, and to a 5 year old, drinking the Kool-Aid to get there just made sense. There's just no way we could have possibly known the outcome."

Naw, that could never happen.

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