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Who Purged the Baby Boomers?

Over 92% of PURGED In-Person and Absentee voters were over 65.

Someone went to a great deal of trouble to PURGE the votes of over 50,000 Baby Boomers. MORE

VOTED    October 19, 2020
PURGED October 25, 2020

Dallas County Early Vote Count Appears Compromised

The Dallas County Absentee and Early In-Person Vote Count appears compromised between October 6 and October 30, 2020.

Search for Tomorrow

You asked for it. Now all your favorite vote searches are collected in one super cool place. MORE

We Salute Our Canadian Voters

You thought that to vote in Dallas County elections you had to actually like live in Dallas. No siree, Bob. MORE

How to Purge Thy Neighbor

How to purge your neighbor or your entire neighborhood's vote in four easy steps. MORE

Dallas Voting, What the HELL!

Toni Pippins-Poole has REMOVED 53,485 Mail-In votes and sent a criminal referral to the District Attorney. MORE

ORP School Shooting Analysis

Read the entire report on school mass shootings going back to the UT Tower sniper in 1966. MORE

Elder Looting, the Rest of the Story

Rogue state agency individuals are kidnapping elderly individuals and couples, looting their assets and incarcerating them for life in asylums. The loosely coordinated conspiracy includes individuals at state agencies, probate judges, and professional guardians. MORE

The Saga of Charlie Fink

Charlie and Edith Fink owned a home in Dallas County, a ranch in Paris, and 4 cars including a new Jaguar XJS. They had no children. Edith was kidnapped by APS in a lightening raid on their home in January. Charlie was kidnapped 2 weeks later following a hernia operation. MORE

Social Worker Spills on APS

We interviewed a recently resigned Adult Protective Service social worker.

To read this man's bone-chilling reveal of disfunctional management, procedures, and competence click MORE

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